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BMA Playbook 2.0 via ODS Program

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  • Step change in production was required to safely move the bottleneck of the operations from Pre-Strip to the Prep Plants
  • To create efficient and standardised operating methodologies that would lead to a targeted uplift in performance
  • To improve the operating discipline at the frontline to deliver the results


  • Program design, in-field coaching and assessing of 77 operational leaders (from Supervisor to Manager) across 5 mine sites to improve operating discipline and leadership capability to improve productivity in a safe and controlled way
  • Clarifying what is expected regarding productivity standards
  • Developing the capability of each operational leader to focus on what matters most at each level, to reduce overlaps and gaps in accountability and achieve productivity targets


  • Embedded standardised operating methods leading to more productive and safer operations by being well designed, planned, controlled, efficient with aligned and well informed teams
  • 39% average improvement in capability of leaders to manage productivity in a safe and controlled way, measured via an Operating Discipline Standards (ODS) tool
  • Front line leaders actively working together in accordance with the priority of the plan and producing or exceeding the planned BCM targets
  • Significant number of initiatives to improve productivity raised and implemented as a result of the focus of the program
BMA Playbook 2.0 via ODS Program