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CPB-Samsung-John Holland M4 East BDM

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  • Complex major infrastructure joint venture organisation which developed quickly to meet intense program delivery timetable
  • Aligning a diverse team of professionals and leaders to project systems and culture
  • Retention of key staff was a significant threat to project delivery
  • Multiple key leaders acute labour market challenges meant many leaders were accelerated into positions of significantly greater responsibility


  • Designed and partnered to undertake high level organisational effectiveness review
  • Recommended a suite of initiatives to measure employee engagement and enhance connection of project managers
  • 1:1 coaching and consulting support to key leaders to support the capability of project teams and individual leaders
  • Specific review of mission critical teams in the project and facilitation of solution design to enhance effectiveness


  • Alignment and engagement initiatives were sustained throughout the project lifespan
  • Measurable improvement of employee engagement achieved
  • Overall retention of mission critical staff in key roles
  • Individual coaching services sustained and expanded throughout the project
  • The project was recognised for excellence in quality, safety and delivery
CPB-Samsung-John Holland M4 East BDM