Moving Beyond Managing Change to Leading Change.

Most mergers fail to realise the value that they were expected to realise. Organisations of all types also consistently struggle to embed change and 60-70% of change efforts fail. Often change efforts are made in response to powerful external forces, well planned and allocated considerable internal focus and resources yet still don’t deliver. Large mining […]


7 Secrets to a Successful Business Partnership

With the latest news about Kraft and Heinz merging to become the world’s fifth largest food and beverage company, it got me thinking about the secrets of successful strategic business relationships. When two or more companies partner (or merge like Kraft-Heinz), there is always the risk of failure. Success will depend on how well the partnering […]


How Much Are Your Employees Spending With You?

Some of you may be familiar with the leadership theory that views employees as customers and their manager as the store keeper. The theory makes a parallel between running a customer focused business and leading a team in a similar way to build exceptional discretionary effort, loyalty and other benefits. We are all customers of […]