Inclusion & Diversity

STS uses their deep experience of cultural change to support the drive towards greater workplace inclusivity. We partner with The BCW, a leader in diversity and inclusion in the heavy industries, to support our clients to improve the diversity of their teams and build inclusive cultures.

We view diversity as a potential value source for an organisation and inclusion as the key to unlocking this potential. Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) is a strategic enabler and should be an integral element in any organisational strategy. The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace are well established and include increases to the bottom line, higher performance, greater innovation and problem solving, reduced turnover and the ability to capture the best talent.

STS recognises that every Organisation’s approach to I&D is unique and must consider the history and culture of the business. We support clients to take initial steps with smaller interventions or to implement large scale organisational change to achieve competitive advantage through a truly diverse and inclusive culture.

Our approach, whilst underpinned by strong academic research, is very practical and straight talking. We believe in having honest conversations, challenging biases and respecting the value that each person brings.

An example of the Inclusion & Diversity services we offer include:

  • Inclusion & Diversity Strategy Establishment – work in partnership to establish an Inclusion and Diversity Strategy that encompasses practical goals and actions.
  • Inclusion & Diversity Audits – audit existing organisational processes and culture to determine current I&D status of your business. Recommendations and actions are provided to support your organisation to achieve greater inclusion and diversity.
  • ‘Leading Inclusion’ Workshops– explores the role of the leader in creating an inclusive and diverse organisation. Content is based on scientific research and focuses on a range of topics including, neuroscience, unconscious bias and practical tips for managing I&D within teams.
  • Inclusion Coaching– 1-on-1 coaching for leaders to build their skills in creating inclusive cultures which support diversity in their team. Sessions can occur as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with other I&D initiatives to embed capability.
  • Cultural Intelligence – Supporting leaders to interact effectively with culturally diverse groups and develop their cross-cultural capabilities. Flexible approach including strategy guidance, workshops and coaching to tailor a service designed for each client’s needs.
  • Key Demographic Leadership Development Programs– Development Programs created to support the career advancement of key demographic groups. Content is flexible and can be tailored to address the needs of the group across a variety of levels and roles. Services include mentoring programs, workshops and coaching.