Executive Coaching

We provide executive coaching to senior managers and executives through our team members using their own experience in senior positions including accredited master coaches.

We undertake a considered process of matching you with a coach who best fits your unique requirements and organisational culture, often providing the profiles of recommended coaches so that you can be involved in the selection process.

Once your coach is determined, the coaching program begins with understanding your needs and defining the expectations of the coaching relationship. We understand the need to be flexible and fit around the demands of work, so we offer coaching via face-to-face meetings as well as phone.

Your STS coach will assist you in establishing goals, identifying actions required to achieve these goals and provides support for overcoming challenges. Your coach will ask the hard questions, challenge your thoughts and actions, and provide alternative points of view for you to consider.

Executive coaching programs can be delivered as a 1-off program for select individuals, or across a larger executive team as part of a strategic program.