High Performance Team Dynamic

In order to manifest high performing teams who are focused on their goals and achieve superior results, all team members need to understand the priorities of the team and commit to behaviours and processes that enable the team to fully realise their value including utilising the relative strengths of all their members. So how do we make this happen?

Prior to commencing work with your project team, joint venture, executive team or a dysfunctional team, we accurately map their current dynamics, processes, individual styles and operating status.

We work with the group dynamics and individuals to bring about change in the operation and performance of the team. We ask the important questions and challenge mindsets to shift the behaviours of team members.

Depending on the team’s needs we implement a range of techniques, including but not limited to, establishing a common purpose, open and clear communication, mutual trust, defined roles and responsibilities, a robust conflict management resolution process and a positive future-focused culture. We are a licensed provider of “The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive TeamTM” (Patrick Lencioni and John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) process, which has consistently delivered positive results for our clients. We also apply DiSC Profiling and Human Synergistics when we believe they will add clear value.