Team Development & Alignment

STS has a long history of delivering Team Development services to Project, department and functional teams to assist them in achieving higher levels of team performance. Our programs achieve this through the integration of team development theory with real life practical applications and interactive skills-based training.

Prior to commencing work with your team we will undergo a process of accurately mapping the team’s current dynamics, processes and operating status to design a program tailored to meet your team’s specific requirements.

Based upon these requirements the customisation of a team development program may involve selected elements from our Leadership Development and Coaching Programs, our Culture & Alignment Programs, or the use of psychometric diagnostics to understand the diversity of thought and behaviour within the team. This creates a powerful program which results in changes not only for the team, but for both individual and business.

To discuss your team’s needs, or to learn more about the Team Development programs run by STS, please contact us…